As of April 1, 2013, Takashi Kuzuhara will succeed Mitsuru Murai as President of RGF Hong Kong Limited, responsible for managing the recruiting business in Asia, and Mitsuru Murai will become Chairman.

Until end of March:
・Mitsuru Murai (RGF Hong Kong Limited, Director and President)

April onwards:
・Mitsuru Murai (RGF Hong Kong Limited, Chairman)
・Takashi Kuzuhara (RGF Hong Kong Limited, Director and President)

Profile of Takashi Kuzuhara

Born December 1964

1988 Graduated Hiroshima University
1988 Joined Recruit HR Business, new graduates recruiting
1991 HR Business, sales of recruiting magazine
1993 Housing Information Business, Sales Manager
2003 Housing Information Business, Business Director
2010 Housing Information Business, Operating Officer

Posted On 2013-03-01