RGF HR Agent Singapore Pte. Ltd (Headquarter: Singapore, Managing Director: Jason Dacaret) hosted Singapore HR Conference with cooperation of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., Recruit Executive Agent Co., Ltd., and Recruit Works Institute on July 25th, 2014.

While Japanese companies are quickening its global expansion, we hear more and more the challenges regarding talent acquisition and retention from our client companies. We aim to assist the companies to overcome these challenges and with aims to introduce the international recruitment services, we hosted the conference inviting management, responsible person for HR and business operations.

Ms. Naoko Ishihara, Chief Researcher of Recruit Works Institute spoke in the keynote speech about the acquisition, utilization and retention of global talents in appreciating the human resource management.

Thankfully we had a good crowd of people for and ended the conference with success.

Posted On 2013-07-25