Philosophy of RGF Brand

The Blue Arch in our logo represents the symbolism of a bridge that connects people to a better world of opportunities.
The opportunity bridge Opportunities for Life
We connect
  • People and Opportunities
  • The present and the future
  • Individuals and the wider world


21+ Years of History

Specialized across all industry sectors and job functions

10,000+ Placements Per Year

We find the best talent

17 Cities in Asia

To support your regional recruitment needs

We are part of Recruit Group

No.2 In Global Revenue

Annual net sales of over JPY 287 Billion in recruiting and information services (as of March 2022)*

*Based on ranking by HRoot

62+ Years of Experience

To deliver comprehensive HR services globally

51,000+ Group Employees

3 business units in Media & Solutions, HR Technology, Staffing across 60+ countries (as of March 2022)