Taku Dn2
Taku Dn2

Taku Yagisawa

Senior Consultant
AI & New Technologies

Taku is a specialist focuses on Tech & AI companies & major manufacturing companies and Senior Management/CxO level & Executive positions in AI & Advanced technology.

He started his recruitment career in 2008.

Taku is actively engaging with CEOs and COOs in multiple industries across Manufacturers, FMCG, Food Services, and Major Manufacturing companies.

He also conducts searches for Senior Management and Executives, such as CDOs, CTOs, R&D factory managers, and Digital Marketing Executives across aforementioned industries, he has successfully built up a strong network of professionals in the areas of Executive, Management and Specialist, and has achieved a proven track record.

Taku places the utmost importance on meeting and connecting with each Client & Candidate to fully understand each’s specific needs and how he can bring value. 

During his spare time, he enjoys traveling and participating in outdoor sports such as camping, surfing, skateboarding and jogging.


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