Keiko Kurachi 0822 2
Keiko Kurachi 0822 2

Keiko Kurachi

Associate Director
AI & New Technologies

Keiko is a key member of Technology team, focusing on AI and New Technologies, mainly in Automobile, Robotics, and WEB Media Companies which requires Date Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Optimization technologies for their future business strategy.

She is also a serious gamer herself and is our only consultant specializing in the gaming industry. She has a very extensive network of contacts in the gaming industry, and her track record is one of the best in the country.

She has been in Executive Search business in Japan since 2004.
After engaging in both retail and whole equity sales at a major Japanese securities company, she went to Australia with the aim of building a career that is not restricted to national borders.

After returning to Japan, she realized "A company is its people." and the importance of "Optimizing human resources in the right place".
With that in mind, Keiko decided to change careers and join a major Japanese headhunting company. Six years later, and after reaching a board member status, she felt unaccomplished and the need to look beyond borders. The increasing globalization of human capital lead her to join RGF Executive Search Japan with the goal of tapping into a global talent to fulfill both domestic and international clients’ human resources needs.

Keiko has a macroeconomic perspective, previously cultivated in her days at a securities company, focusing on the close relationship between economic trends and the flow of human resources. She is highly regarded as a strong consultant in Japan market with a vast body of knowledge in human resources. She connects the best of cutting-edge technology academia and business worlds.