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Financial Services

Tem is a specialist in Alternative Investments and focuses on roles in Real Estate investment and broking, Private Equity, and Credit/Distressed markets due to in-depth experience in Financing Industry.

Tem was born and raised in Japan. After graduating from Keio University with a BA in Politics, Tem started his career in the finance industry in Retail Sales and Syndication at Nomura Securities. He has over 15 years of investment banking experience and worked in firms such as Cargill Japan, Shinsei Bank and Deutsche Securities, and mostly focused on distressed investment, credit trading and NPL financing.

Since 2014, Tem made a switch in careers into recruitment covering Real Estate and Asset Management.

In his free time, Tem spend most of times in taking care of his son, sometimes enjoys “Eating Tours”, Watching Sports, Martial Arts Training, and Playing Drums.

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