Yuuki Umezawa 2
Yuuki Umezawa 2

Yuuki Umezawa

Principal Consultant
Medical Device/Healthtech

Yuuki has been working in the recruiting industry since 2011, primarily as a dedicated consultant in the Medical Device area. He has earned a strong reputation in the healthcare industry, including receiving the Best Placement Award and Best Partner Award from clients.

After working as a manager of Medical Device team, he is now a Principal Consultant, working with a wide range of clients from major foreign companies to emerging health tech ventures. In addition to sales, marketing, clinical, regulatory affairs, and quality assurance positions, he also handles many niche and rare positions that are rarely seen in the market.

He also focuses on growth areas in the healthcare industry and always thinks about how to raise the market value of each individual career change.

He is fluent in English, having lived abroad as a student. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Nihon University College of Art.

Outside the office, he enjoys outdoor activities all year round: camping in the spring, river sports in the summer, trail running in the fall, and skiing in the winter.